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Our attic restoration team specializes in the restoration, sanitation and decontamination of attics that have been infested by animal(s) like raccoons, opossums, bats, squirrels, skunks and others.

When these animals make your home their home it allows their parasites and diseases to affect your families health. The animals leave behind their feces and urine which contaminate your insulation and drywall, as well as destroy your a/c duct work, expose electrical wiring and much more.

Once the animal is safely removed from your attic or crawl space and all the entry points are closed our team will preform a complete attic restoration.

Raccoon, opossum, squirrels, bats, pigeons, and skunks leave feces in your attic that can result in both immediate and long term health hazards.

Raccoon feces can contain a roundworm called Baylisascaris procyonis. This is a parasitic worm that infects humans and can be fatal. Millions of eggs are produced from one worm. Baylisascaris procyonis is a roundworm nematode, as the zoonotic infection to humans is extremely dangerous due to the ability of the parasites larvae to migrate into brain tissue and cause damage. Infection of baylisascaris  can also be transmitted by coming in direct contact with raccoon feces. The eggs can live for years in dry feces. Concern for human infection has been increasing over the years due to urbanization of rural areas resulting in the increase in proximity and potential interaction with raccoons.

Feces from bat and pigeons is extremely dangerous. They can carry histoplasmosis fungai spores. That can be released into the air and ingested into human lungs. Histoplasmosis can lead to chronic illness and even death. These feces must only be removed by a professional.

Feces from Opossums, skunks, squirrels, rats and mice can lead to salmonellosis or leptospirosis.

When we treat your attic we use an antimicrobial, bactericide, fungicide, and odor-band  deodorizer.




Dps Wildlife animal Professionals including Feces Clean Up Dead Animal Removal And Odor 


HEALTH risk to your family

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