DPS Wildlife Animal Removal

Got an uninvited guest claiming your home as its own? You can count on DPS Wildlife Animal Trappers to fix the problem within 24 hours! All of Our Work is Guaranteed!

Affordable, Expert & Humane Wildlife Animal Removal & Trappers

DPS have been offering wildlife animal control services to Florida residents  for over 10 years. As expert animal trappers, wildlife control is our forte, no matter what the size, type or location of the animal.

We’re a have a team of wildlife trappers you can rely on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Reach out to us today if you have uninvited guests taking over your home!

  • Competitive Rates
  • Quality Professional Service
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Fast Results!

Reliable Wildlife Specialists

Serving the Treasure Coast & Northern Palm beach County Owned and operated by a local resident of this area for the past 30 Years.

Our Wildlife Removal Services

We offer a full range of trapping & removal services to assist you with an animal problem of any kind. Our services are designed to ensure that from start to finish you can trust that we’ll resolve the issue.

Wildlife Control

From rats to bat exclusion, raccoons, squirrel removal and more. If your property is suffering from a wildlife invasion, we can help you get it under control quickly.

Animal Removal

No matter if it’s dead or alive in your yard, attic or crawl spaces, we’ll safely remove it, then sanitize any areas the animals lived in & fix any needed repairs.

Humane Wildlife Trapping

As expert trappers & a solid knowledge of the outdoors we can handle animal trapping challenges of any size humanely. No animal too big or small.


Animal Exclusion

Wildlife removal is only a band aid solution to your animal control problems. Our exclusion services will fortify your home and prevent any unwanted visitors (or their friends) from returning. 

Animal Damage Repair

In many cases, animals leave behind a great deal of damage to walls and insulation in attics. Once the animal removal is complete, we get to work repairing any damage caused by the invaders.

Attic Remediation

Damage to insulation is very common when animals make a home in an attic. Our attic remediation services include removal of insulation and blow back insulation as well as restoration and disinfection of the entire area affected.


Dead Animal Removal

In the sad case an animal has died in your home’s yard, crawl spaces, basement or attic we can remove it as soon as possible. We’ll also disinfect the area to prevent any bacteria from spreading.

Animal Waste & Feces Removal

In cases of long term infestation, animal waste becomes a contamination and health risk. You can count on us to remove the waste and thoroughly decontaminate the area.

Industry Best Practices

  • Eco Friendly Methods
  • Humane Trapping Solutions
  • Hospital Grade Disinfection
  • Industrial Grade Equipment

Reliable Wildlife Removal Specialist

Serving the Treasure Coast & Northern Palm beach County Owned and operated by a local resident of this area for the past 30 Years.

Why Choose DPS?

Our knowledge of local wildlife is unparalleled. With well established roots in our community, you can trust that we’ll do the job right. Customer satisfaction is our biggest priority. We won’t rest until we know you’re satisfied with the outcome of our services.

Unlike larger companies, we care about offering competitive rates and a genuine service to our community. Honesty and integrity are guiding principles of how we work.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship and offer you a 1 year warranty on all the work completed. Our team consists of expert trade carpenters who manage all the repairs animals have made and attic restorations we handle.

From start to finish, DPS has got your back.

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