About DPS Wildlife Animal Removal

If you’re looking for animal trappers who respond, you’ve found the right team! DPS Wildlife Animal Removal has been helping residents in and around Florida with all their wildlife control problems for many years.
Our wildlife removal company has a solid reputation in the area because we deliver quality services to everyone in our community. We take a personal approach to each and every job and won’t rest until you’re completely satisfied.
That’s the DPS Wildlife difference.

About our team

Established by owners Lewis Clanton and Whitney Edwards in 2011, DPS Wildlife is a family owned and operated business.

Before starting this business, Lewis was a firefighter in the local area. Caring about locals runs deep in our company as a result. Our history of firefighting experience also runs deep and means it’s in our nature to respond as fast as possible.

Over the years we’ve been operating DPS Wildlife, our team has grown and includes a number of experienced techs, most who have been with us from the early days.

We have expert carpenters, trappers and recreational hunters on the team who all care about delivering the highest quality service and who are committed to the values of our wildlife control company.

Our Core Values

Caring About People

Putting people first is one of our deepest values. It shines through in the way we work with our clients and the level of service we offer. We choose to be a customer service focused animal control company who deeply cares about leaving every customer satisfied with the work we complete.

This value also shines through in the kind of company we choose to be to our staff. One of the major reasons why have so many happy customers is because our staff are just as happy working with us and they are committed to offering a high quality of service.

Caring About Animals

The animals we catch are treated humanely. Unlike others who offer wildlife control services, we won’t euthanize them after they are caught.

Rather, we let them go at our refuge that is far enough away from residential areas so that they never come back. The refuge is a privately-owned, 2000 acre ranch where animals can live freely while also away from civilization.

Caring About the Earth

We care about the environment just as much as we do the people and animals we work with. That’s why we choose eco-friendly options where possible.

One example is the eco-friendly insulation we use when installing blowback insulation. It is an energy and cost-saving alternative for anyone needing to replace contaminated insulation during attic remediation and restoration.

Unlike traditional insulation, our eco-friendly alternative is not made from fiberglass, rather it is made from green fiber and other recycled materials.

Why DPS Wildlife Removal Services Are a Top Choice

Quality Workmanship

All our work is backed by a 1-year quality guarantee. Our staff are qualified professionals, trade carpenters and expert animal trappers who use industrial grade tools to deliver the best result we can.

We stand by the quality we deliver and if for any reason, you are unsatisfied, we’ll address your concerns immediately.

Quality Equipment

Not only do we stand by the level of work we deliver, but we also ensure that we use high-quality equipment to complete each and every job.

We use hospital grade disinfectants, sterilization equipment and microbial sprays for thoroughly decontaminating any areas affected by dead animals or their waste. We also use industrial grade fans and other equipment to filtrate and purify the air, especially in enclosed spaces.

Personalized Approach

We take a personal approach to each and every job. When you call DPS Wildlife, you won’t feel like you’re just another number. All staff in our animal removal company are locals who care about helping out residents and business owners as best as they can.

100% Customer Service Driven

Everything we do is driven by customer satisfaction. We’ve developed a name for ourselves locally as a direct result of our commitment to ensuring each and every customer we work with is taken care of as best as possible.

Giving Back to our Community

We frequently support and donate to our local community including churches, shelters and other local charity organizations. We have been born and raised in the area and it is very important to us to give back to the community we are a part of.

Competitive Rates

Not only are our rates competitive, we also actively look for ways to save you money wherever possible.

Our animal removal services are affordable and competitive when compared to the other businesses in our area. Also, unlike other companies, you can trust that we won’t sell you extra services you don’t need.

If you are looking for a wildlife removal company that’s trusted by locals make DPS Wildlife your first call!

Ask about our green fiber insulation and how it saves our planet’s resources

Green fiber insulation is an energy saving and cost effective insulation option that we offer to all our clients who undertake attic remediation. Insulation is often irreparably damaged when an animal has taken refuge in your home, especially your attic. With this new, eco-friendly option, we are able to give back to our planet with every insulation restoration job we complete.

Get in touch with us today to find out more.