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When you’re searching for an animal removal service in Florida, look no further than DPS Wildlife Animal Removal.

With over 5 years of experience in the field, our team offers a high-quality animal control service, competitive prices and we can deal with a variety of animals. From raccoons to bats, to armadillos, and all the animals included below, we have you covered.

Ensuring that the animals are trapped and removed humanely, our team will also prevent any unwelcome visitors from coming back into your home and also repair damage that may have been caused.

Snake Animal Control & Removal Services

snake removalSnakes are not an animal that you should mess with by any means. There are six types of venomous snakes that reside in Florida:

  • Southern Copperhead
  • Timber Rattlesnake
  • Cottonmouth
  • Eastern Diamondback
  • Eastern Coral Snake
  • Pigmy Rattler

They can gain access to your property through gaps around doors, through holes in your attic and through your toilet pipes. It’s most common that snakes feel the rush of cold A/C seeping out from the base of the door. When you open the door, you step right over the snake as it slithers into your home.

They’re undeniably a threat to humans as venomous snake bites can cause severe respiratory problems, dizziness and even fatality when they aren’t treated with anti-venom.

As well as their bites, they can also carry diseases such as salmonella which can make you sick if you come into contact with them.

While not all snakes are venomous, you should be aware not to try and remove them by yourself. Not only can they try and attack you if they feel intimidated, but you could also harm the snake in the process.

Be especially cautious of baby snakes as they have high potency of venom and are the least able to control it, making them the most dangerous to be near.

If you spot a snake in your home, call DPS Wildlife Animal Removal right away to remove the snake! We will come into your home (or yard), identify how the snake got in and remove it as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Bobcat Animal Catchers

wildlife removal & control DPSWild bobcats are elusive and move with incredible stealth. These predators have been known to attack small domesticated pets left unattended outdoors and in screened enclosures. If sick or injured, they can be aggressive towards people.

While keeping a bobcat as a pet in the state of Florida is completely legal (with a proper permit), they’re wild animals at the end of the day. They can weigh up to 30 pounds, have high energy levels and can act erratically.

Although they aren’t inherently dangerous, if you intimidate a bobcat, it can bite you. In terms of diseases, they can carry rabies – which can infect you and cause you to get severely sick and in some cases, can even be fatal.

If you have an unwanted bobcat on your property, get in touch today. Due to their large stature and erratic behavior, you should call our expert animal trappers who have extensive experience with humanely capturing wild animals.

You can rest assured no harm will come to the bobcat as we release all wildlife on our 2,000 acre ranch that’s far enough away from civilization to ensure they will not come back to your property.

Feral Hog Animal Trappers

Feral hogs are one of the most common wild animals found it the United States, with approximately 5 million living throughout the country. Even though they’re not one of Florida’s native creatures, feral hogs have often been found in residential areas, foraging for food.

Unlike domesticated pigs, feral hogs can be very destructive and aggressive if they feel intimidated. They’re a huge animal, weighing up to 400 pounds and can pose a danger to both humans and pets. Hogs plough through the soil looking for worms, insects, small animals, tubers, roots and bulbs. This causes extensive damage to lawns, sports fields, golf courses and agricultural land used for crops.

Feral hogs can carry a variety of diseases, including Swine Brucellosis and Tularemia which, if contracted by pets, can be fatal.

Removing a feral hog from your property can be extremely dangerous due to how vicious they can be. If you see a feral hog in your house or in your yard, call our expert wild hog trappers today.

Armadillo Removal Animal Control

armadillo removalAn armadillo may seem like a cute and innocent animal. But they can cause destruction to your yard because of the way that they dig for food. They are completely blind and when they burrow near your house, they may be prone to cracking underground piping and wiring.

Originating in South America, armadillos like to bury under houses and make dens underground. Although they’re inherently not dangerous to humans and rarely attack them, if they do feel threatened they may scratch you with their claws.

They can carry leprosy, which can be transmitted through their claws and also rabies, salmonella and tapeworms – which can easily be contracted by humans.

If you start to notice signs of an armadillo, replace your fences from which they’re burying under and contact DPS Wildlife. We will help you get the situation under control, removing the armadillo and preventing further damage.

Opossum Animal Trappers

For those that don’t know, possums are most commonly found in Australia and Opossums in America. Opossums are a common pest throughout Florida and tend to live in the attics of houses or underneath a deck.

Even though they’re known to eat harmful insects, they carry the threat of damaging your property’s structural integrity. They’re thought to be passive in manner and even play dead if they’re feeling threatened.

Opossums can carry a range of diseases, including leptospirosis which if untreated, can result in failure of the respiratory system, liver and meningitis. Despite not seeming to be vicious, they can scratch and bite if they feel intimidated.

If you see one in your home, do not pick it up with your bare hands. Call our experts who will come and sort out your opossum issue for you using our professional equipment and years of animal trapping experience.

Squirrel Animal Catchers

squirrel atticSquirrels often seem like a docile and friendly animal. If there are simply a few running around your yard, it may not seem like a problem.

But, if they’re getting into your house through the chimney or roof vent, they can chew up your home and be a real nuisance. It’s possible for squirrels to carry rabies and if they feel intimidated, they can attack humans and pets, inflicting wounds and therefore spreading the disease.

If you try to get rid of the infestation on your own by using poisons or repellents, they will not work. You need a professional service to come out, assess the situation and get rid of them. DPS Wildlife will come to your home, safely remove the squirrels and ensure that they will not come back.

Coyote Animal Control Service

Coyotes often attack livestock and domesticated animals that you may keep for your livelihood or as pets. Even though they are not usually dangerous to humans, they often attack your cattle, pigs, sheeps, goats, chickens, ducks, dogs and cats. Your livestock is easy prey for coyotes compared to their normal prey in the wild.

If they see a human approaching them, they will often run away. However, if they are injured or associate humans with food, they can attack you. They can also transmit rabies, hepatitis and distemper to other animals, therefore if you have a pet, ensure that you always keep it inside and in your sights.

If you spot a coyote on your property, call DPS Wildlife Animal Removal. We have professional animal trapping equipment that can help no matter your wildlife animal crisis.

Fox Catchers

Grey and red foxes are common in Florida. Although they are normally very gentle creatures, they can be a nuisance to live with. THey make a mess of your garbage, eat fish from your pond, and if you have a birdfeeder/bath they will eat them as well. THey are not aggressive towards people unless sick or injured in which case they need medical attention.

Foxes are carriers of the tapeworm parasite and rabies, which can be harmful to humans. You shouldn’t attempt to remove a fox by yourself. Not only are they hard to trap, they can also pick up the human scent.

By calling on our team, you’ll enjoy the benefits an expert animal control service can bring along with our extensive training and humane trapping practices. We’ll safely relocate the foxes caught to a 2,000 acre property far away from residential areas where they can live freely in nature.

Make DPS Wildlife Animal Removal your first port of call for all types of animal removal services throughout Florida.

Offering wildlife expert services to suit your needs, you can rest assured that any type of wild animal will be humanely captured, removed and excluded from your property in no time!

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